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Sofa padding

Italsofa chooses only environmentally friendly sofa padding that do not contain Freon or any other expanding agents and that guarantees a comfortable and durable sit to the sofa. Comfort is assured both by expanded polyurethane foam and fiber fillings made of very thin polyester filaments providing a subtle level of comfort and softness for all the body, especially for the seating, back and armrests.
Furthermore, Italsofa sofa padding does not require any specific type of maintenance except for the kind associated with the normal care of the sofa:
- For sofas with fiber filling or down padding, it will be necessary to model them to ensure the return to their initial look, which will have altered during transit.
- During the first three months of use, polyurethane foam padding tends to soften, then should permanently stabilize.
- This settling may also create slight folds on the covering, which is a completely normal characteristic of the product.

 For more info about the sofa padding download the Instruction manual.

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